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Face-Off moves – The Clamp, Power Moves and Quick moves

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As most face-off guys would agree, the clamp is the most common move in lacrosse. Proper stance and technique can make the clamp one of a fogo’s most valuable tool. The move consists of rolling your wrists in order to rotate the backside of your head over the ball, while simultaneously driving the bottom of your shaft with your left hand towards the offensive side of the field. Wrist and forearm strength are also a very important aspect of having an effective clamp.

Slight changes in body position and focus of your weight can easily tweak a standard clamp into a power move. Using your legs, core and upper body, a quick transfer of weight from your feet towards the ball can mean the difference between a stalemate and control of the ball in some situations. However, it is important to keep yourself in a position where you can quickly chase a ground ball. There is a fine line between overpowering your move and remaining quick to loose balls. Do not leave your feet at the faceoff X!

Contrary to power moves, quick moves are often most effective against an opponent with slow hands or feet. The ability to abruptly remove the ball from the X before Joe Shmoe can react will often result in fast breaks or control of the ball. Rakes, jumps and quick clamps are some of the quickness moves that have been the most effective for me.

Deciding what moves are best to use usually relies on your opponent. Watch the enemy’s hands before the game, or in film session. Look for the way in which they hold the stick, if their wrists are parallel to the ground or more upright, and what their stance looks like. All of these aspects can be crucial in determining what types of moves will be most efficient.

Stay Classy,
Ben Wahler 38

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  1. laxerpro22 Says:

    I completly agree. There is a lot that goes into facing off that many other players that have not expreienced. It takes more than just quick reactions sometimes.

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