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Ground Ball work – stick protection and type of drills

There is nothing more annoying than a scrappy, tough groundball guru as an opponent at the faceoff X. I am talking the type of guy that shower’s once a week, eats quarter pounders for breakfast, and still thinks wearing letter jackets from high school is cool.

As difficult as it is for me to acknowledge these individuals as college lacrosse players, they have become a difficult opponent at the X. At a mere 5-9, I like to think of myself as a solid groundball guy, even though quarter pounders and letter jackets are not really my thing.

With my quickness and toughness in tight scrums, I have found myself coming up with a lot of fifty-fifty ground balls. Staying low and having a solid base is key in coming out on top.

Any drills that involve ball protection, with and without possession, and general strength and knowledge in off-ball situations are great additions to any faceoff middie’s repertoire.

Take your vitamins,
Ben Wahler 38

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