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Salisbury Season Gearing Up

Its Thursday and our season FINALLY begins tomorrow! We have our lift tests at 9 AM then practice in the afternoon. I think everyone is ready to start but not looking forward to the cold temperatures that have settled in Salisbury. Playing lacrosse in the cold is not the funnest way to play, no one likes getting checked when their body is like an ice cube!

For our tests tomorrow we have to be able to bench our body weight 10x, do 15 pull ups, and do 25 dips. The following day we have to run a 1.5 mile in 9 minutes. This coming after our first day of practice so it should be interesting how tired everyone is from practice.

I have to pick up some classes to fulfill my major, it feels weird being a senior and realizing its your last season getting to play in college. Time flys by when your having fun and I feel like yesterday i was coming in as a freshman not knowing what to expect and now my days here are numbered!

In other news, my dog champ, got attacked and his tail fell off and had to be removed, we call him nub now, for the three inch stub he has wailing off his backside, its quite funny.

We have all been working extremely hard getting ready for the 09 season. This is definitely the hardest working year for me as I realize its my last and every person wants to go out with a bang! Hopefully the gulls can be successful this year, our first test comes the following week, and with only a short period for preparation, we have a lot to put in before that time comes.

Lax is here! Enjoy the season boys..

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3 Responses to “Salisbury Season Gearing Up”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Kylor, I love watching your team play! The thing i like most is how your team represents for your school! Yo you guys are jumpin around and getting pumped to play lax, I’m a fan of that! I’m going to follow your team and try to get my HS team to get as pumped to play as you guys do!

    Big L

    p.s. Are you a RAP fan or a HIP HOP fan?

  2. Kliner Says:


    What was the best time in the 1.5 mile run?

  3. Nick Says:

    Hey Kylor. Hows the season goin? Did you guys have any scrimaggesyet? Anyway im friends with your roomate Kyle P and i was thinkin the other day that you guys should do a video blog for lax united or insidelacrosse or somethin

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