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Salisbury 2009 Season Underway

Originally posted on LaxSpot on 12/14/2008

Kylor Berkam Salisbury Lacrosse

So  a new year is underway! It’s almost Christmas time and I think EVERYONE here at Salisbury is ready for the break from school! The semester was tough, but it looks like everyone is going to make it out alive.

When we get back from Christmas break winter term starts and that’s when we get into the grind .Winter term is a month long “mini session” offered at SU. Many kids take courses and it gives the whole team a chance to be here together for a month before the season begins getting in shape and preparing for the upcoming season. This is probably when people will work the hardest to become better and try and go up in the ranks before our first game.

I am looking forward to winter term starting and eventually lacrosse. It is my senior year and we are expecting big things in sea gull land this year. I feel as if already, we have surpassed the work rate of many teams in years past and I am only excited about the bright future that lies ahead.

Ill be posting every Sunday this year, trying to stay on point, anything anyone wants to hear or know about just shout it! I have no problem sharing just need to know whats interests people when they hear about Salisbury Lacrosse or read these blogs!

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