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dollarsI had a random thought.

Over the last several weeks I have received calls from some World All Star calibur players and coaches regarding our “Lacrosse Economy”.

I believe this to be a bit worse at the moment than our regular economy.

People in everyday life are struggling.  Struggling for jobs, family and overall strength.

For the laxers, a lot of companies that were on board or on the cusp of investing into the game have silenced their pocketbooks.

For the “inventors” of great ideas that require capital, have had to temporrily table their coming out party for a short spell.

Players and coaches alike need to take this time and really search their souls as to what they would like to be in our game.

Last I heard, push ups, sit ups and wall ball were still free.   The Internet clinics were also minimally priced to the tune of your connection fee and of course, faith is free.

The economy will turn around as it always has.  Where will you, your skills, your coaching and your faith be at that time?

Lee E. Southren
Acorn Financial
Faceoff Sports Management, LLC

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