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This past month our good friends at US Lacrosse included a present for their members inside the monthly newsletter.  Personally, I wasn’t expecting anything since I already receive the highly coveted ‘Lacrosse Magazine’ just for being a member.  But inside, there was as a link to “Download the USL Widget”.


Being a curious techie type of person, I had to check it out.  So I followed the instructions and downloaded the app and installed it.  I gotta say without sucking up, that this is a neat application and I think it will be something that I will use during the Spring and Summer.  

Here are some of the strong points. 

  • It takes almost no time at all to download.
  • Quick to run, just create a link on your desktop.
  • The Info Center provides you with all the updated scores, news and USL Headlines from all divisions and the pros.  Great for Sunday and Monday mornings!
  • And last but not least, it includes a lacrosse video game!

Finally!!  The lacrosse game that we have been waiting for is here and is free from US Lacrosse.  Well not quite, but it’s a start.  Kill some time at work or at half time while watching your favorite game on CBS or ESPNU.  I was introduced to the game at the US Lacrosse National Convention a few weeks ago in Baltimore and liked it from the start.  It’s a simple yet fun game of wall ball but you’ll be addicted in no time….LASER! 

If you don’t have it, download it here:  http://www.uslacrosse.org/info/US_Lacrosse.exe.zip


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