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After speaking with a close friend who happens to be a Division I assistant coach yesterday who was scouting a high school game I realized that the west coast timetable is a bit different. As high school playoffs are still concluding for most of the country, here on the west coast, players are already beginning to dive into camps and equally as important summer leagues.

The summer experience is a bit different than what one might be used to on the east coast. When moving out of populated city areas, such as LA and Phoenix, you find that the rising spots of lacrosse are making both courageous and unique efforts to keep guys playing and loving the game.

The structure of the old Hero’s lacrosse league or Loch Raven lacrosse league in Maryland does not yet exist here in that capacity. Instead, passionate individuals and even the owners of lacrosse retailers have worked to establish a more casual inviting summer league lacrosse experience.

What is amazing is that if you were to spend a few minutes networking through a west coast lacrosse forum you could find a high–school or college field almost every night of the week in the Northern California Bay Area and have an opportunity to play.

A great example is a gentleman named Jaime Poore, a former Chico State standout who hosts a pickup session for all ages on two fields in the town of Santa Rosa California every Tuesday night. He creates a feel of community by using his resources in a developing lacrosse area. He knows that a contribution from every level of player is critical to drive the growth of our sport. It is an amazing vibe to see a Sonoma State starting midfielder get on a line with a rising Varsity high school player and help them pick up their level of play without being annoyed that the high school guy doesn’t get the same concept of team offense and defense.

As long as we have people like Jaime that teach for the love of the game, the growth of lacrosse is in great hands out here.

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