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This legendary line to a popular song in the 70’s has been likened to the lackluster success of Dave Gross’s MLL going from 10 teams to 6.

To Industry insiders this should come as no surprise as Tickets Sold + Merchandise + Televsion and Media Coverage = Success.  As opposed to minimal fans + minimal merchandise + average television and media support = A Failing Entity.

If you ask Dave, he will assure you this is not the case ‘blah, blah, blah’.

I am not the first person to suggest that the MLL will continue to fail until he gets reassigned, replaced  or flat out cut from the roster, even though he will tell you that I am the only one.  The MLL has a ton of talent (on the field that is), a decent base of teams (cities), some real characters (in a good way) and a small but loyal fan base (in 2 cities).

Believe it or not, I would like to see the MLL succeed.  I have been talking this talk for 3 years now and feel like a broken record.  I even had a quality customizable product that would be a no brainer for the MLL to sell with their logos and a hefty profit margin.  Dave Gross wouldn’t consider the deal.  Dave Gross wouldn’t consider the deal.  I believe that giving someone who is not involved with his inner circle credit for a deal is something he is not interested in doing.  The bottom line is that most of the comments and criticisms come directly from player and or management in the league.

I am happy I don’t play.

Moving onto another topic.  Let’s try an experiment.

Ask any teenage laxer between the ages of 10 and 15 years old.  Ask them to name any 10 colleges that first come to mind.  Not lacrosse colleges, but just college’s.   I bet that at least 4 out of 10 are MCLA “club” universities.

How about U of Michigan, Michigan State, South Carolina, Oregon, Southern California, Texas and Texas A&M to name a few.

How cool would it be to see a Michigan Lacrosse hoodie???

This gear is available, but not from our standard buying options like the few Lax dominant catalogs and retail stores.  At this point we have to dig a little deeper.  Use your search engine of choice and search one of these programs.

You should see an online store with various pieces of gear.

Wait until you see the looks of disbelief as to where you scored that piece of swag lax gold!!

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