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Spring is here.  Rec lacrosse is here.  So why is there still snow on the ground?

The next wave of Turf fields is the automatic 24 hour heating system that melts the snow and absorbs the rain right away….haha, Just kidding…

Every year due to global warming we say the same thing.  I have been encouraged to see the nets out in the backyards and the kids dusting off their Spring’s best clothing to get ready for the season.

With the exception of the summer lax tryouts (I will get back to that one in a minute), or a 1 hour indoor league, there ain’t much laxin’ going on here on the left coast.

I will say that on my way to have dinner at the Mountain Lakes Club in Lakes which I am a member of, those youngins are shooting in snow suits, hats, boots etc…all year round.

Maybe that’s why they have been dominating youth lacrosse in this area and even taking it to Delbarton (their private school arch rival).  Or maybe, part of it is the philosophy…hhhmmmm well, Lakes is public and has been unique in having a summer program limited to their own called Laker Futures.  The official, un official Delbarton feeding program is Patriot Lacrosse.

It seems like if you or a male sib goes there or is going there, you basically make the team.

To round out their roster, they hold a series of $40 a head tryouts in November to fill a few sports (if any), but they don’t tell you that.  They tell you that all spots are available (not true), and that you have to be at a tryout to be considered (also not true) and they will only take you for a position you tryout for (again not true).

But- the owners become rich, the hype (which is becoming less and less each year) creates the demand and yet more and more parents become more disappointed at the apathetic communication and utter arrogance of youth Lacrosse grades 5-8; some 4th graders make it too.

Kudos to Mountain Lakes  for showing that in public school, program and committment doesn’t carry the tag of $25,000 per year tuition.

usc_laxProps to “The” Adam Shuman from U South Carolina for sending me a SC Lax shirt.

How cool is that!?

I am at my gym yesterday Parisi Speed School in Morris Plains, NJ where the training is very Delbarton Lax intensive and I get stopped by no less than 3 varsity players commenting on where I got it.

I am a bit on the horse of the MCLA, not just because they did a feature article on me in this months issue, but because I believe it to be the “real” concentrated growth in the game today.

Think about it.  Huge student bodies, legit alumni, on the map for TV and continuous recognition for the caliber of athlete deciding to play MCLA versus D2 or D3.

Ask yourself the question, would you rather play D2 or D3 at a small virtually unknown school or rock out playing high level club at eerrr!!!

Texas?? Or USC where the Girlz are pretty???

What do you think?

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