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As many of you now, I’ve never been a big fan of MLL league management, because it is a failing model based on selling sporting goods and not advancing our sport.  It’s run with the financial acumen and sense of fair play one might expect from the new Barack Obama government. That said, I totally respect the teams, players and coaches that work so hard to put a great product on the field, which they consistently do.  In fact they have done so in such a consistent manner that we are reaching milestones for some of those players.  This season will mark the one hundredth game for a few players.  Long Island’s Tim Goettelman and the Washington’s Scott Urick, just played their 100th game last weekend.  Long Island’s Brian Dougherty (the Terps Goalie) has 97 games under his belt and beer belly.  Blake Miller has 96 and defenseman John Gagliardi has 94. 

But I want to spotlight Scott Urick, the assistant coach and former star of the Georgetown Hoyas.  He was the coach’s kid.  He had upstate NY roots but played High School ball at Robinson in Northern Virginia, after his dad took the Hoya’s job.  Robinson was a good team for Northern Virginia in the 90’s, but he stood out – way out.  While in college he looked like my heroes of the past working without the ball to get open on cuts.  Remember cuts.  He was a quickstick artist.  Remember quicksticks.  He really played the game old dudes like me appreciated and respected while everyone else, it seems, stood still and fired the big cannon shots.  When he got to the MLL he morphed into a guy that could still finish, but also lead on the offense.  He had a big shot all along, but now finally put it to use when his team needed just that.  He is still the most affable guy on the field and a modest fellow generally.  That said, he is about to surpass the most arrogant and self indulging player in the history of the game in points scored.  He is only 12 goals away from knocking the self anointed lacrosse god Mark Millon off of his homemade pedestal.  To make things sweeter, he gets to knock Millon’s social sidekick Jesse Hubbard out of the record books too.  The two  will lose their “invictus” status right before all of our eyes and that is very pleasing to many.  All hail the true Warrior, Scotty Urick.

Gagliardi, Dougherty, Miller and Urick are battling this week to be the oldest player on the 2010 U.S. Team heading to Manchester, England to avenge the US loss to Canada in the 2006 games.  The try-outs take place Monday through Wedesday at Bryant University in Rhode Island. Goettelman’s got a real civilian job that needs his attention instead.  I think he’s on Wall Street, so we’ll just let him keep working without giving him grief.  They have lots of work to do, fighting our own government to keep us a free capitalist nation and all. 

header_cliWhen moving to Northern California in 2004 from the traditional hot bed of lacrosse we call Baltimore, I certainly did not anticipate being in an area where in a matter of 5 years lacrosse would be pushing to the forefront of the college and high school scene. I am happy to share with the world that lacrosse has not only hit the west coast with force, it is here to stay.

The following blog entries will not only be my perspective on the game, but also highlight the individuals, the events, and the happenings that are growing the game we love and bringing it to new unprecedented levels on the west coast. From Phoenix Arizona, to Newport Beach California, to the Bay Area around San Francisco, to Portland Oregon, to the even Puget Sound area in Washington.

Check back in with me as I share this side of the country with you through my daily travels and interactions.

Pat Miller

Pat Miller is excited to return as a regular e-lacrosse contributor again after a few year hiatus. Pat has been involved with lacrosse for most of his life. He was a standout multi-sport athlete at Loyola Blakefield in Towson, MD continuing on as a scholarship lacrosse player at Johns Hopkins University. There he would later serve as an assistant coach managing arguably the top face-off trio in the nation of now MLL stars Kyle Harrison, Greg Peyser and Lou Braun. Now in California, Miller is the head lacrosse coach of Cardinal Newman High School, a quickly rising power in the Northern California lacrosse scene, as well as helping with the ASU Men’s lacrosse program in Tempe Az. His company Amplify Your Game provides lacrosse players and coaches with various affordable learning opportunities and networking.

It’s almost been a decade in the newest millennium so what better time to sum up what we have seen over the past ten years in Division 3 lacrosse.

I have been an avid fan of the D3 game since I graduated from Salisbury in 2001 so I would consider my picks to be fair and well thought out. It’s tougher than you would think to go through all of the great players who have come and gone over the past ten years from all over Division 3.

This list may seem like a Seagull fest, but you have to agree with me that they have had some special players and teams over the past 10 years.  I was critical towards all my former teammates and folks that I know who were in consideration for the list. I was going to put myself on this list but I’ll be modest since I’m writing it and leave myself off.  Actually, after further review I didn’t make the cut but I would like to think that I was in some sort of consideration!!

My sources may not be 100% accurate for stats (goals and assists) so if you have any input, please leave a comment and I will add them in as we go along. There are some decade cross-over players that I could not find some statistics for.

Obviously I can’t give everyone their due and many will be left off this list. I expanded some positions to add additional players but my criteria are very basic. The player had to play at least 1 year in this decade. Winning awards adds to their consideration. Self proclaimed Practice All-American’s need not apply.

Breier’s 1st Team Division 3 Team of the Decade (2000-2009)

Josh Bergey - Salisbury -2003- Scored 119pts in 2003; AOY 03; 2x AA (1st 03, 2nd 01 as a midfielder). 2x National Champion (99, 03)

Matt Dugan –W&L -2001- AOY 01; 3x AA (1st 00, 01, 2nd 99); 182g 111a for 293pts

Ryan Heath - Cortland -2008- AOY 08; 3x AA (1st 08, 2nd 07, 3rd 06); National Champion 06; 231 Total Points in 3yrs with Cortland including 100pts his senior year.

Eric Goodberlet - Nazereth -2001- POY 01; MOY 01; 3x AA (1st 01, 2nd 00, HM 99 as an attackman)

Stephen Berger - Washington -2005- MOY 04; 3x AA- (1st 03,04) 2nd 02); 136g 103a for 239pts

Kylor Berkman - 2009 - Salisbury - POY 08; 2x MOY (07,08); 2x 1st AA (07,08); Coming into 2009, 85g 126a for 211pts. 2x National Champion (07, 08). So far he’s increased that tally to 110g 165a for 275pts.

Eric Martin - Salisbury -2004- POY 04; DOY (03,04); 2x AA (1st 03,04); 2x National Champion (03,04)

Jed Raymond - Middlebury -2000- A 90’s cross over. POY 99; 2x DOY (99,00); 3x AA (1st 98,99,2000); National Champion 00.

Jeff Bigas - Salisbury -2005- DOY 05, 3x 1st Team AA. 3x National Champion (03,04,05)

Pat Vaughn - 2006 - Gettysburg — 4x AA (1st 05, 06, 07 2nd 04)
Jake Coon – Nazareth -2000- 2x GOY (98,00); 4x AA (1st 00,98, 3rd 99, HM 97)

Long Stick Midfield:
Sean White - Salisbury -2005- 3x AA (1st 03,04,05)- 3x National Champion (03,04,05)

Jim Berkman - Salisbury - COY 07; 5x National Champion (03,04,05,07,08); 2x National Champion Runner Up (00,06); 171 Wins-11 Losses - (14-3 when i wrote this) so 185 Wins -14 Losses

Breier’s 2nd Team Division 3 Team of the Decade (2000-2009)

Andy Bonasera – Roanoke -2003- 4x AA, (1st 03, 3rd 02, HM 00, 01); 144g 120a for 264pts

Holt Hopkins - Middlebury -2001- A 2x 1st Team AA (00,01); 2x National Champion (00, 01); 152g 64a for 216pts;

Ryan Hotaling - Nazareth -2007- AOY 05; 3x AA – (1st 05,07; 3rd 06). - 219 overall pts

Jon Mason - Roanoke -2007- With 249g 32a for 281pts. AOY 07; 3x AA (1st Team AA 07, 2nd 06 and 3rd Team 05).

Chris Turner – Salisbury -2000- POY 00; 2x MOY (99, 00); 3x AA – (1st 99, 00; 2nd 98); National Champion (Cannot find 1998, 1999 Stats)

Chris Keating – Roanoke -2006- POY 06; MOY 06; 3x AA (1st 06, 2nd 05, HM 04); 105g 88a for 193pts.

Matt Dunn – Middlebury -2002- POY 02; MOY 02; 2x 1st Team AA (01, 02); 3x National Champion; 3yr total of 113g 58a for 171pts (Cannot find 1999 stats)

Andy Murray - Salisbury - 2004 - POY 03; 2x MOY (03,04); 3x 1st Team AA (02,03,04); 70g 56a for 126pts; 2x National Champion (03,04) – 4yr Starter/ Face off man for Salisbury (I would love to have Andy’s face off and GB stats!!)

Long Stick Midfield:
Chase Caruso - Salisbury -2007- POY 07, 2x 1st Team AA (06, 07)

Chris Heier – Salisbury -2007- DOY 07, 3x AA (1st 06, 07, HM 05); 2x National Champion (05, 07)

Andrew McGann – Gettysburg -2008- DOY 08; 3x AA (1st 07, 08, 2nd 06)

Ben Love – Roanoke -2006- 3x AA (1st 05, 06, HM 04)

Dan Korpon –Salisbury -2005- GOY 05; 2x AA (1st 05, HM); 3x National Champion (03, 04, 05)

Tim McGinnis –Gettysburg -2003- 3x AA (1st 02, HM 01, 03) *Also an HM AA at Maryland as a grad student

Erin Quinn - Middlebury - Coach Quinn left coaching to become Middlebury’s AD in the Fall of 2006. Under his lead, the Panthers won three consecutive National Championships to start out the decade (00,01,02). During his tenure in the 2000’s Quinn was 111-13 and also a 2x National Champion Runner Up (03, 05).

Best Winning Percentage of the Decade:
Greg Titus - Salisbury -2008- Never lost a game. 85-0 – Also 2x HM AA (07, 08) 4x National Champion (04, 05, 07, 08)

COY - Coach of the Year
POY - Player of the Year
AOY - Attackman of the Year
MOY - Midfielder of the Year
DOY - Defenseman of the Year
GOY - Goalie of the Year
SOY - Specialist of the Year

dollarsI had a random thought.

Over the last several weeks I have received calls from some World All Star calibur players and coaches regarding our “Lacrosse Economy”.

I believe this to be a bit worse at the moment than our regular economy.

People in everyday life are struggling.  Struggling for jobs, family and overall strength.

For the laxers, a lot of companies that were on board or on the cusp of investing into the game have silenced their pocketbooks.

For the “inventors” of great ideas that require capital, have had to temporrily table their coming out party for a short spell.

Players and coaches alike need to take this time and really search their souls as to what they would like to be in our game.

Last I heard, push ups, sit ups and wall ball were still free.   The Internet clinics were also minimally priced to the tune of your connection fee and of course, faith is free.

The economy will turn around as it always has.  Where will you, your skills, your coaching and your faith be at that time?

Lee E. Southren
Acorn Financial
Faceoff Sports Management, LLC

Pick your greatest “color” in college sports.

After careful consideration I am now ready to make my proclamation and would like you all to weigh in;

In order of greatest:
1- Maize (Michigan)
2- Carolina blue (UNC)
3- Vegas gold (numerous)

For kids who have no real team or school allegiance, the color or cool cred of the gear usually wins out.  Keep you eyes open in the near future for some new program’s gear to appear.

I am not much into predictions and I am submitting this entry at 11.40am ESt sitting at Eppes Essen deli in Livingston, NJ.

Today at 3pm EST, Pressler’s Bryant is playing former protege Alberici’s Army on the road.

Look for mentor to outlast student 12-8 for D1 #3.

You heard it here first.

For my results go to the next page…

Here is my thought of the week.  I did a little research and confirmed what I thought.  The University of Michigan is among the top selling in overall merchandise #1 in 2008.

What greater way to help give exposure to our game than wearing some Michigan Lacrosse apparel.

Honestly, and no disrespect intended, as great as the “standard” lacrosse marketed teams are, I am less than enthusiastic about buying yet another Syracuse or Hopkins hoodie.

On another note, how about the Men’s Team USA announcing their list of 84 players to tryout?

Not many surprises, except, I didn’t see Mikey or Casey Powell on that list…

Acorn Financial


Spring is here.  Rec lacrosse is here.  So why is there still snow on the ground?

The next wave of Turf fields is the automatic 24 hour heating system that melts the snow and absorbs the rain right away….haha, Just kidding…

Every year due to global warming we say the same thing.  I have been encouraged to see the nets out in the backyards and the kids dusting off their Spring’s best clothing to get ready for the season.

With the exception of the summer lax tryouts (I will get back to that one in a minute), or a 1 hour indoor league, there ain’t much laxin’ going on here on the left coast.

I will say that on my way to have dinner at the Mountain Lakes Club in Lakes which I am a member of, those youngins are shooting in snow suits, hats, boots etc…all year round.

Maybe that’s why they have been dominating youth lacrosse in this area and even taking it to Delbarton (their private school arch rival).  Or maybe, part of it is the philosophy…hhhmmmm well, Lakes is public and has been unique in having a summer program limited to their own called Laker Futures.  The official, un official Delbarton feeding program is Patriot Lacrosse.

It seems like if you or a male sib goes there or is going there, you basically make the team.

To round out their roster, they hold a series of $40 a head tryouts in November to fill a few sports (if any), but they don’t tell you that.  They tell you that all spots are available (not true), and that you have to be at a tryout to be considered (also not true) and they will only take you for a position you tryout for (again not true).

But- the owners become rich, the hype (which is becoming less and less each year) creates the demand and yet more and more parents become more disappointed at the apathetic communication and utter arrogance of youth Lacrosse grades 5-8; some 4th graders make it too.

Kudos to Mountain Lakes  for showing that in public school, program and committment doesn’t carry the tag of $25,000 per year tuition.

usc_laxProps to “The” Adam Shuman from U South Carolina for sending me a SC Lax shirt.

How cool is that!?

I am at my gym yesterday Parisi Speed School in Morris Plains, NJ where the training is very Delbarton Lax intensive and I get stopped by no less than 3 varsity players commenting on where I got it.

I am a bit on the horse of the MCLA, not just because they did a feature article on me in this months issue, but because I believe it to be the “real” concentrated growth in the game today.

Think about it.  Huge student bodies, legit alumni, on the map for TV and continuous recognition for the caliber of athlete deciding to play MCLA versus D2 or D3.

Ask yourself the question, would you rather play D2 or D3 at a small virtually unknown school or rock out playing high level club at eerrr!!!

Texas?? Or USC where the Girlz are pretty???

What do you think?

90210How has the recent mainstream lacrosse exposure helped our game?

Has it really? Or do we just think it has?

Is there a tangible way to even know?

There has been mainstream 90210, the back drop to ads for hit show House, the subject for numerous Law and Order episodes and even a Duke Lacrosse movie currently being written by a legit Hollywood writer for Home Box Office or HBO.

The old adage is all pub is good pub except when it come to the MLL…here is the exception the the rule your mother always told you about.

There is some back room talk about what happens next, nothing to bring out just yet…but there are good changes coming.

For all you laxers, keep laxing, for all you baseball players, keep laxing.

Btw- Congrats to Coach Pressler for his first RE-D1 win vs Sacred Heart!

This legendary line to a popular song in the 70’s has been likened to the lackluster success of Dave Gross’s MLL going from 10 teams to 6.

To Industry insiders this should come as no surprise as Tickets Sold + Merchandise + Televsion and Media Coverage = Success.  As opposed to minimal fans + minimal merchandise + average television and media support = A Failing Entity.

If you ask Dave, he will assure you this is not the case ‘blah, blah, blah’.

I am not the first person to suggest that the MLL will continue to fail until he gets reassigned, replaced  or flat out cut from the roster, even though he will tell you that I am the only one.  The MLL has a ton of talent (on the field that is), a decent base of teams (cities), some real characters (in a good way) and a small but loyal fan base (in 2 cities).

Believe it or not, I would like to see the MLL succeed.  I have been talking this talk for 3 years now and feel like a broken record.  I even had a quality customizable product that would be a no brainer for the MLL to sell with their logos and a hefty profit margin.  Dave Gross wouldn’t consider the deal.  Dave Gross wouldn’t consider the deal.  I believe that giving someone who is not involved with his inner circle credit for a deal is something he is not interested in doing.  The bottom line is that most of the comments and criticisms come directly from player and or management in the league.

I am happy I don’t play.

Moving onto another topic.  Let’s try an experiment.

Ask any teenage laxer between the ages of 10 and 15 years old.  Ask them to name any 10 colleges that first come to mind.  Not lacrosse colleges, but just college’s.   I bet that at least 4 out of 10 are MCLA “club” universities.

How about U of Michigan, Michigan State, South Carolina, Oregon, Southern California, Texas and Texas A&M to name a few.

How cool would it be to see a Michigan Lacrosse hoodie???

This gear is available, but not from our standard buying options like the few Lax dominant catalogs and retail stores.  At this point we have to dig a little deeper.  Use your search engine of choice and search one of these programs.

You should see an online store with various pieces of gear.

Wait until you see the looks of disbelief as to where you scored that piece of swag lax gold!!

The Agent

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