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Urick Will Unseat Hubbard and Millon

As many of you now, I’ve never been a big fan of MLL league management, because it is a failing model based on selling sporting goods and not advancing our sport.  It’s run with the financial acumen and sense of fair play one might expect from the new Barack Obama government. That said, I totally respect the teams, players and coaches that work so hard to put a great product on the field, which they consistently do.  In fact they have done so in such a consistent manner that we are reaching milestones for some of those players.  This season will mark the one hundredth game for a few players.  Long Island’s Tim Goettelman and the Washington’s Scott Urick, just played their 100th game last weekend.  Long Island’s Brian Dougherty (the Terps Goalie) has 97 games under his belt and beer belly.  Blake Miller has 96 and defenseman John Gagliardi has 94. 

But I want to spotlight Scott Urick, the assistant coach and former star of the Georgetown Hoyas.  He was the coach’s kid.  He had upstate NY roots but played High School ball at Robinson in Northern Virginia, after his dad took the Hoya’s job.  Robinson was a good team for Northern Virginia in the 90’s, but he stood out – way out.  While in college he looked like my heroes of the past working without the ball to get open on cuts.  Remember cuts.  He was a quickstick artist.  Remember quicksticks.  He really played the game old dudes like me appreciated and respected while everyone else, it seems, stood still and fired the big cannon shots.  When he got to the MLL he morphed into a guy that could still finish, but also lead on the offense.  He had a big shot all along, but now finally put it to use when his team needed just that.  He is still the most affable guy on the field and a modest fellow generally.  That said, he is about to surpass the most arrogant and self indulging player in the history of the game in points scored.  He is only 12 goals away from knocking the self anointed lacrosse god Mark Millon off of his homemade pedestal.  To make things sweeter, he gets to knock Millon’s social sidekick Jesse Hubbard out of the record books too.  The two  will lose their “invictus” status right before all of our eyes and that is very pleasing to many.  All hail the true Warrior, Scotty Urick.

Gagliardi, Dougherty, Miller and Urick are battling this week to be the oldest player on the 2010 U.S. Team heading to Manchester, England to avenge the US loss to Canada in the 2006 games.  The try-outs take place Monday through Wedesday at Bryant University in Rhode Island. Goettelman’s got a real civilian job that needs his attention instead.  I think he’s on Wall Street, so we’ll just let him keep working without giving him grief.  They have lots of work to do, fighting our own government to keep us a free capitalist nation and all. 

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One Response to “Urick Will Unseat Hubbard and Millon”

  1. Laxrat Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments regarding Millon and Hubbard.  It’s nice to read someone finally calling out those guys…

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