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Breier’s D3 All-Decade Team (2000-2009)

It’s almost been a decade in the newest millennium so what better time to sum up what we have seen over the past ten years in Division 3 lacrosse.

I have been an avid fan of the D3 game since I graduated from Salisbury in 2001 so I would consider my picks to be fair and well thought out. It’s tougher than you would think to go through all of the great players who have come and gone over the past ten years from all over Division 3.

This list may seem like a Seagull fest, but you have to agree with me that they have had some special players and teams over the past 10 years.  I was critical towards all my former teammates and folks that I know who were in consideration for the list. I was going to put myself on this list but I’ll be modest since I’m writing it and leave myself off.  Actually, after further review I didn’t make the cut but I would like to think that I was in some sort of consideration!!

My sources may not be 100% accurate for stats (goals and assists) so if you have any input, please leave a comment and I will add them in as we go along. There are some decade cross-over players that I could not find some statistics for.

Obviously I can’t give everyone their due and many will be left off this list. I expanded some positions to add additional players but my criteria are very basic. The player had to play at least 1 year in this decade. Winning awards adds to their consideration. Self proclaimed Practice All-American’s need not apply.

Breier’s 1st Team Division 3 Team of the Decade (2000-2009)

Josh Bergey - Salisbury -2003- Scored 119pts in 2003; AOY 03; 2x AA (1st 03, 2nd 01 as a midfielder). 2x National Champion (99, 03)

Matt Dugan –W&L -2001- AOY 01; 3x AA (1st 00, 01, 2nd 99); 182g 111a for 293pts

Ryan Heath - Cortland -2008- AOY 08; 3x AA (1st 08, 2nd 07, 3rd 06); National Champion 06; 231 Total Points in 3yrs with Cortland including 100pts his senior year.

Eric Goodberlet - Nazereth -2001- POY 01; MOY 01; 3x AA (1st 01, 2nd 00, HM 99 as an attackman)

Stephen Berger - Washington -2005- MOY 04; 3x AA- (1st 03,04) 2nd 02); 136g 103a for 239pts

Kylor Berkman - 2009 - Salisbury - POY 08; 2x MOY (07,08); 2x 1st AA (07,08); Coming into 2009, 85g 126a for 211pts. 2x National Champion (07, 08). So far he’s increased that tally to 110g 165a for 275pts.

Eric Martin - Salisbury -2004- POY 04; DOY (03,04); 2x AA (1st 03,04); 2x National Champion (03,04)

Jed Raymond - Middlebury -2000- A 90’s cross over. POY 99; 2x DOY (99,00); 3x AA (1st 98,99,2000); National Champion 00.

Jeff Bigas - Salisbury -2005- DOY 05, 3x 1st Team AA. 3x National Champion (03,04,05)

Pat Vaughn - 2006 - Gettysburg — 4x AA (1st 05, 06, 07 2nd 04)
Jake Coon – Nazareth -2000- 2x GOY (98,00); 4x AA (1st 00,98, 3rd 99, HM 97)

Long Stick Midfield:
Sean White - Salisbury -2005- 3x AA (1st 03,04,05)- 3x National Champion (03,04,05)

Jim Berkman - Salisbury - COY 07; 5x National Champion (03,04,05,07,08); 2x National Champion Runner Up (00,06); 171 Wins-11 Losses - (14-3 when i wrote this) so 185 Wins -14 Losses

Breier’s 2nd Team Division 3 Team of the Decade (2000-2009)

Andy Bonasera – Roanoke -2003- 4x AA, (1st 03, 3rd 02, HM 00, 01); 144g 120a for 264pts

Holt Hopkins - Middlebury -2001- A 2x 1st Team AA (00,01); 2x National Champion (00, 01); 152g 64a for 216pts;

Ryan Hotaling - Nazareth -2007- AOY 05; 3x AA – (1st 05,07; 3rd 06). - 219 overall pts

Jon Mason - Roanoke -2007- With 249g 32a for 281pts. AOY 07; 3x AA (1st Team AA 07, 2nd 06 and 3rd Team 05).

Chris Turner – Salisbury -2000- POY 00; 2x MOY (99, 00); 3x AA – (1st 99, 00; 2nd 98); National Champion (Cannot find 1998, 1999 Stats)

Chris Keating – Roanoke -2006- POY 06; MOY 06; 3x AA (1st 06, 2nd 05, HM 04); 105g 88a for 193pts.

Matt Dunn – Middlebury -2002- POY 02; MOY 02; 2x 1st Team AA (01, 02); 3x National Champion; 3yr total of 113g 58a for 171pts (Cannot find 1999 stats)

Andy Murray - Salisbury - 2004 - POY 03; 2x MOY (03,04); 3x 1st Team AA (02,03,04); 70g 56a for 126pts; 2x National Champion (03,04) – 4yr Starter/ Face off man for Salisbury (I would love to have Andy’s face off and GB stats!!)

Long Stick Midfield:
Chase Caruso - Salisbury -2007- POY 07, 2x 1st Team AA (06, 07)

Chris Heier – Salisbury -2007- DOY 07, 3x AA (1st 06, 07, HM 05); 2x National Champion (05, 07)

Andrew McGann – Gettysburg -2008- DOY 08; 3x AA (1st 07, 08, 2nd 06)

Ben Love – Roanoke -2006- 3x AA (1st 05, 06, HM 04)

Dan Korpon –Salisbury -2005- GOY 05; 2x AA (1st 05, HM); 3x National Champion (03, 04, 05)

Tim McGinnis –Gettysburg -2003- 3x AA (1st 02, HM 01, 03) *Also an HM AA at Maryland as a grad student

Erin Quinn - Middlebury - Coach Quinn left coaching to become Middlebury’s AD in the Fall of 2006. Under his lead, the Panthers won three consecutive National Championships to start out the decade (00,01,02). During his tenure in the 2000’s Quinn was 111-13 and also a 2x National Champion Runner Up (03, 05).

Best Winning Percentage of the Decade:
Greg Titus - Salisbury -2008- Never lost a game. 85-0 – Also 2x HM AA (07, 08) 4x National Champion (04, 05, 07, 08)

COY - Coach of the Year
POY - Player of the Year
AOY - Attackman of the Year
MOY - Midfielder of the Year
DOY - Defenseman of the Year
GOY - Goalie of the Year
SOY - Specialist of the Year

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16 Responses to “Breier’s D3 All-Decade Team (2000-2009)”

  1. Rick Says:

    Where’s Justin Smith on this list?  Guess he’s a runner-up.  I’d take McGinnis over Vaughn, but that’s a close call.

  2. TheTruth Says:

    White and Caruso are very good, but Kelly from Whittier is the best lsm this decade.  Just as slick with the takeaways as White & Caruso but 6′4″ and physical with unmatched offensive ability.  Dipaola from Sals might get thrown in the conversation too.  Both these guys earned their AA stripes as true midfielders before the position became glorified with a 1st team slot and positional POY award.

    I’d also put Matt Dunn on 1st team.  He was a special player.  You could make a good case for Pope Hackney too.  I probably take him over Keating. 

  3. Connor Says:

    Apparently another part of your “criteria” was that the player had to be from a southern school.  20 southern players and 6 northern players!!!  Silly, considering this decade 4 titles have been won by the North, this year is pending.
    You could have at least tried to not be bias? 

    Cortland goes to 3 straight NCs and gets 1 player, yet also-ran Roanoke gets 4?

    Where is Eric Krieger in goal?  Best winning percentage of the decade for a goalie, 68-6 record, 3 NC games, 2x NC.  2004 Goalie of the Year, 3x All-American.  Head to head out played McGinnis in 2 NC games. 

  4. SouthernBias Says:

    Please edit the title to reflect what this really is, the “All Southern Decade Team”.

    Middlebury has played in 5 of the 9 NC games, winning 3, yet Roanoke (who has played in no NC games this decade) gets more players?

    Salisbury with almost twice as many players as the entire North’s 75 teams?

    For example, where is someone like Glenn Adams? 3x AA and tearing up the MLL.

    By far the best two middies of decade were Berger and Dunn. But of course you short change Dunn in favor of Kylor.

    How about trying again through a less bias perspective?

  5. Aone Says:

    I would agree you have to get Eric Kreiger on this list. Pat Vaughn was good But he played when there werent alot of good goalies. I would say Kreiger, Royer from Denison, and Craig from Goucher were better in the cage.
    Kelly from Whittier was also good but they lost every big game they played in and he did not nearly have the speed of White or throw the garbage like Caruso. Dballs was also a tremendous pole. From 99-06 the Salisbury poles were incredible, and a big part of their dominant transition game.
    I would Also swap Murray and Berkman.(I would also say Turner and Dunn were better than Berkman) Andy Murray was a throwback player who took every face off for 4 yrs and won at almost a 70% clip and was on the man up squad for all 4 years. I would also love to know his GB stats I would bet he has the all time NCAA record for GB’s. If your gonna have Berger on 1st team you gotta have Murray on there. Murray was the better overall player. Justin Smith I agree also deserves some recognition In my opinion Smith, Hackney and Pierce were all better players than Keating. 

    On the attack I would take Mason off he was good but a one trick pony. I mean he wasnt any better than Dan Boyer and hes not on the list. I would take him off and put Milliman from Gettysburg on there. That kid was a player and carried that team to those title games. Unlike Mason he could do it all even when Pierce left he got it done, and he made Breemer(?) and Vandnostrand look alot better than they were. Herbert From Middlebury was also a great player.
    For D I would take Heier off the list he was a great d pole but I feel like he rode Martin and Biggas’s coat tails a bit by being the next in line but in my opinion he was a big drop off from those kids. Both Trombley and Leonard from Naz were better players than probably all the kids on 2nd team. That kid from the Cortland 02 team who was DOY was also a better Dman. The kid from the 04 Goucher team was also a hell of a defender I think his name was Webber?

    I think D3 has changed alot in the past 5 years and in my opinion the level of talent has dropped off considerably. Think of what Chris Turner would look like on the field, He would kill kids. The last GREAT team was the 04 Salisbury team. I would bet if you took the naz teams from 00-02 who lost to Midd every year in the semis and put them in todays D3 they would CRUSH everyone by 10… but thats just my 2 cents. Also If we were gonna pick the player of the Decade my vote would go to Eric Martin the kid was a force.

  6. wheniwasakid... Says:

    he actually picked a total of 7 from the North… and 10 directly from SU.
    the Gulls have been the dominant team though so it is still hard to argue with this.
    We all have our favorite players but the guys on the Eastern Shore have most of the accolades!
    I would add a bunch of guys who weren’t on as good teams but to the victor go the spoils.
    I like the list, Breier.  This is an incredibly hard thing to do and I commend you for your effort!

  7. mark Says:

    D3 - I had in my notes ‘Middlebury goalie with all those wins.’ I must have overlooked that he was GOY. He deserves a spot.

  8. StanleySteamer Says:

    How is it a Southern bias?  All of the good players were from the south the ENTIRE decade…haha!

    Let’s look at all theplayer of yrs.

    Turner 00, Gooder 01, Dunn 02, Murray 03, Martin 04, Smith 05, Keating 06, Caruso 07, Berkman 08.

    That’s 7 for the south, 2 for the north.  Smith wasn’t even on this list.  Also thats 6 from Salisbury and 3 elsewhere.  They were pretty darn good

    Berkman has this year and will be an AA of some sort giving him 3 AAs and 2 middie of year and 1 player of the year.   That’s pretty special. 

    Kreiger should’ve been on here for the north though.

  9. TheTruth Says:

    Trivia: Who is the only D3 LSM to ever play in the MLL?

    Not to be argumentative, but Kelly was every bit as athletic as White & Caruso.  Scored alot more too.  I think your “D3 players were better at the early part of the decade” argument applies here too.  

  10. Aone Says:

    Jed Raymond played for Bridgeport the first year

  11. TheTruth Says:

    Jed was a close defender in college.  An excellent one at that.

  12. Aone Says:

    He played both I believe

  13. Regulator Says:

    Seeing Jed’s name yesterday made me have nasty nightmares of 2000 Championship game! THANKS!

  14. #27 Says:

    Brian Kelly and Chase Caruso are hands down the two best LSM’s of the decade.  Kelly put up numbers and had the takeaways and Caruso was a flat out beast as well.  Everyone else is second to these two.  I played against Dipaola in college, actually matched up the entire game with him.  He is very very good, but not Kelly or Caruso caliber.

  15. bob marley Says:

    bros, how about the all century team?? attackmen tim demore 1995 from gettysburg was second to none. the dude could go out all night before a game and score 5 goals and have 4 assists. he used to chew a tin of dip during the 1st quarter in some games. i think he ended his career with 308 pts.

  16. The Cretan Says:

    Breier…you left your name off the list.  Didn’t you have a record for the most “let me try this check on you” checks that led into penalties………How did you overlook yourself like that?  nice list, but according to the North people, it sounds like they would much rather have a “little person”, a.k.a. Midget on the list with any kind of stick than anyone from the 5 time decade national championship GULLS!

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