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The Agent: A Prediction and Result

Well people..I was a bit off, Bryant lost 11-5 to the Army.

I will tell you what, #21 from Army run like greased lightning and their goalie made 17 saves, 6 off the body…in 15 degrees, ouch..

It was totally cool bein on the sideline seeing the action up close.

On another note, being at West Point was totally fly.  That place gives me the chills, the history, the aura, totally legit.  If you haven’t been there, you must check it out, preferably in the fall where the foliage pops off the stone faces and structures.  Army is coached by former Pressler protege Joe Alberici.  They are not the most fundamental team, but they are the most well conditioned.

Did I mention the hills, like everywhere on campus?

I will guarantee you that those cadets and future officers run them hills every single day.

Chow for now!
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