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2014 Lacrosse World Games

With the Olympic ceremonies in the books, it got me thinking about the World Lacrosse Games in Denver this year. To be honest, the World Games has been in my mind more so this year than any other.

The Iroquois are back in the Blue division. (If you haven’t payed attention to the World Games news, you might have missed that after the Manchester fiasco, this year they would have been considered a new country and were almost not in the Blue division…after much ado, they are back in)

The games are back on US soil for believe it or not, only the third time in 43 years. The last time it was here was in 1998, and before that, 1982. Denver CO plays host in what should be a beautiful atmosphere and welcoming location.

If you think the sport is growing fast in the US, you should look at the bigger picture.

This year sees a record 38 National teams registered for the games. Compare that to in 1998, 11 teams were in it. Not only is I just growing, but players from other countries are getting better.

Check back in E-Lacrosse.com for more updates and stories to come about the World Games this season along with all of your College lacrosse news.

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