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Rutgers Suspension of Coach Brian Brecht

Rutgers University suspended lacrosse coach Brian Brecht with pay last week after allegations of “verbal abuse” were brought to the University’s attention.

No one is talking details yet, but:
Indications are that the complaint was an anonymous letter.
Rather than investigate first internally before taking action, they immediately suspended coach Brecht and are letting the Rutgers University Police handle the investigation.
The whole team supports coach Brecht and wore BB on their helmets.
A petition to reinstate him has been signed by over 900 people including the lacrosse team, and parents.
Rutgers University took a ton of flak for ex-Basketball coach Mike Rice’s actions and the lack of action Rutgers University took against him.

I am all for getting rid of coaches like ex-basketball coach Rice as there is no reason to act the way he did toward players.
In this case, the timing of it, the fact the Rutgers University Police Department and not the University administration is doing the investigation, and the fact the complaint (so far) has been one anonymous letter all make this seem fishy.

Granted, no one has released real facts, and if you’ve seen coach Brecht on the sidelines, he is as fiery as any coach (except maybe Petro…I don’t think ANY coach is as intense as Petro).  Could he have dropped some verbal abuse mixed in with the typical “motivational yelling”?  Maybe.

Either way, the damage to Brecht’s reputation either right or wrongfully accused is done.

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