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4/26/13 Maryland vs UVA Preview

The ACC Tourney starts at 5pm Friday with Maryland playing UVA.

Why it’s important:  IF (and it is a big if) UVA can win out the ACC, they MAYBE (this is a big one too) able to get a bid to the Tournament.

Virginia is 6-7 with no real quality wins, and losses to Syracuse, Cornell, OSU, Hopkins, Maryland, UNC, Duke.
UVA’s offense is still averaging 11.8 goals per game.  They are winning 54% face-offs, converting on 36% EMO chances.  The losses to Syracuse, Cornell and OSU were all by 1 goal, and their previous loss to MD was by 2.  In that game UVA took more shots, picked up more GBs, less turnovers, and better EMO results.  So why did they lose?  Not always the best shot selection, and a goalie not saving 50%.
You can’t win a Championship with a goalie saving less than 50% of teh shots they face, let alone BOTH of your goalies achieving such a dubious stat.

Maryland is 9-2 with wins over Loyola, Duke, Yale and losses to UNC and Hopkins.
After the loss to Hopkins where Maryland could only muster 4 goals, the talk was that they would rebound against Yale.  Yale outplayed Maryland (except Niko Amato), and was leading early in the 4th quarter.  With a questionable hold penalty with under 30 seconds in the game, MD scores on EMO, and a goal by Yale with 13 seconds left was waived off.
The bigger story in the game for MD was the fact they only got 29 shots off.  The Maryland offensive is on a slump only scoring 4 against Hopkins and putting up 29 shots total against Yale.

UVA in a shocker.  Maryland’s offense seems a little lost right now.  Virginia’s season has been written off by virtually everyone.  Has the making of an upset.

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