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2014 NCAA Tournament Set

Selections made and teams seeded.

Not a huge surprise for picks.  I can understand the choice of Harvard over the  Hofstra Flying Dutchmen.   Their losses to unranked teams sunk them.

1. Duke  vs Air Force / Richmond
2. Syracuse  vs  Bryant / Siena
3. Loyola  vs  Albany
4. UPenn  vs  Drexel
5. Denver  vs  UNC
6. Notre Dame  vs  Harvard
7. MD  vs  Cornell
8. UVA  vs Hopkins

The seedings I am lost.  I actually agree with Quint that there needs to be a human subjectivity or a change to the equations.  There aren’t enough out of conference games to accurately get the RPI to a point it should be counted as much as it is.

Loyola should be #1 seed.  1 loss in OT to UVA…and they beat Duke by 7!

Duke with 3 losses and a head to head loss to Loyola should have them anything but #1.  Yes, Strength of Schedule comes into play, but the ACC is biased just as Big East basketball used to be.  Duke just got handed the keys to

Denver got screwed playing UNC.  If legitimately the bottom 8 (10) teams were ranked, Denver should be playing Cornell or Harvard.
Cornell’s only ranked wins were over UVA, Yale, and Penn…That’s it.
Harvard beat Cornell, and Yale twice.  Nohing more.
UNC has wins over Hopkins, MD, Harvard, UVA.  Much better pedigree.

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