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Lacrosse Trichotomy

We are at that alignment when we have the crescendo of the NLL season, the NCAA season is nearing its crescendo, and the MLL season is just starting its intro.
If you really wanted to this weekend, you could watch an NCAA game Friday, NLL Saturday, and an MLL game Sunday…hell if that isn’t enough throw in a High School or post college game while you are at it.

I can understand the NLL’s timing.  They will have their Champions Cup game a week or two before the NCAA Final Four and not interfere.  Anyway, aside from die-hard lacrosse junkies, and Can-eh-dians, most fans of the NLL aren’t your typical NCAA lacrosse fans.  Yes there is overlapping, but more NLL fans are NLL fans first and NCAA fans second.

What I can never wrap my head around is the MLL’s insistence to start their season a month before the NCAA is done.  This is the most exciting time for NCAA lacrosse as the conferences have their tournaments and the NCAA tournament starts.  This is also when many states start their High School sectional/regional playoffs as well.  The MLL and NCAA pretty much draw from the same fans, and even the grittiest lax junkie can get burnt out.
If you happen to decide to get into the MLL after the NCAA is over, you have missed half of the MLL season already (5 or 6 games out of 11).
I didn’t even touch on the fat that the MLL teams draft players still in the NCAA months in advance before the NCAA season even starts. So now half way through the season teams are adding college guys that are now eligible.

If you feel the need to go on a lacrosse binge and overdose this weekend, check out the links to NLL and MLL schedules below.
How to watch the NLL playoffs this weekend

MLL’s Full schedule

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