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Unfiltered comments D1 Championship Cuse vs Duke

Cuse jumps out to a surprising 2 goal lead with 9:32 left in first

Syracuse EMO gaol 8:45 left in first quarter…Su 3 Duke 0…

Syracuse scores again…Luke Cometti from Rice…Su4 Duke 0

Lamolinara for Cuse is making Big saves

Matt Harris  Syracsue blocks a shot in the head..still plays on…

End of first…Cuse 4 Duke 0


Lamolinara comes out in the second, grabs the all and starts a break that leads to a SU goal with 14:18 left in the second…Cuse 5 Duke 0…

Duke scores first goal from Wolf with 12:54 left…Duke 1 SU 5

Beautiful off ball movement by Syracuse…SU gets another from Loy with 11:47 left.  Su 6 Duke 1

Duke goal by Tripuka…Dive which is illegal into the crease…There was clearly no push, but it gets Duke its second goal…6-2 Cuse

Off ensuing FO, Duke wins it and then Miles Jones scores for Duke bringing the Blue Devils within three with 10:29 left in the second…

8 :42 left Jo Jo makes some great moves but forces inside for a turnover instead of a shot…

Duke with a nice inside shot.  Josh Dionne from Wolf with 7:27 left in the 2nd…

Even though Duke wins FO, SU pressure takes it back with 7 minutes left in 1st…

JoJo tries to force a pass to a teammate…Gets triple teamed and Duke gains possession….

Syracuse has alot of dropped passes…

Wolf scores up high on Lamolinara…SU6 Duke5…

Su holds off a late rally by Duke in the second but Ianzito might have rehurt his ankle and needs help off

Start second half…
Lawson scores tying it up…6-6 all

Megill draws penalty on Dionne and plays hard to keep the ball in play…

Lamolinara’s aggressive play pays off again as SU takes the ball from Duke 7:25 remaining in the 3rd

Hamlinn sticks a nice stick and disrupts pass… MeGill passes up to Ianzito SU ball…

Quickly followed up by goal from Donahue (3rd of game)…Su 7 Duke 6 with 4 minutes left

Lawson scores for Duke…Ties it back up at 7 all

Duke wins face off…Quick goal from Offitt with 2:01 left…Duke’s first lead of the game

Duke off EMO goes up 9-7 with 1:10 left in the third…

Duke scores again with 23 seconds left…Duke 10 - SU 7

End of third quarter Duke 10 SU 7

Duke number 8 scores third goal of day assisted by 7 Jake Tripucka…Duke 11-SU7

Duke goal by 19 Christian Walsh at 12:29 assisted by 25 Josh Offit……….Duke 12-SU7

Duke goal 7 Jake Tripucka second of the game at 10:47…unassisted goal….Duke13-SU7

SU unassisted goal by 22 Jo Jo Marasco at 8:11…..Duke 13-SU8

SU  unassisted goal by Jo Jo Marasco at 7:36……….Duke 13-SU9

SU penalty 31 David Hamlin one minute slash at 4:15.

Duke goal 31 Jordan Wolf third of the day assisted by 25 Josh Offit at 11:53….Duke 14-Su 9

Duke unassisted goal by 31 Jordan Wolf at 1:55……Duke 15-SU9

With under 2 minutes left, Duke and Syracuse score inconsequential goals…16 Duke, Cuse 10

Duke wins 16-10…Only their second title in seven tries…Congrats to Duke for the win.
Congrats to Cuse for a great season as well…if only the Orange had a FO guy this game could have had a different outcome

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