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Keith Stegmaier: Maryland Drops Duke

In case you fell asleep watching the game (I wouldn’t blame you), here is a re-cap…

It was the third time these two teams faced each other this year, and there was obviously no love lost between them. The physical play started early and continued throughout the game. Both teams got called for 1 minute unsportsmanlike conduct in between the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Duke took an early lead scoring within the first minute with a goal from Dave Lawson. Maryland Goalie Niko Amato regrouped his defense, shook it off and became a wall making GREAT saves. Amato posted 13 saves and 4 goals against with at least 4 of those saves being highlight caliber. Duke didn’t score again for another 20 minutes. It then took another 20 minutes for Duke to score their third goal. Their final goal (4 total) was scored almost 23 minutes later.

Maryland took a while to get going on offense. Their first recorded shot did not come until halfway through the first quarter. They made it count as Catalino ripped a sidearm riser. Seven minutes later, Maryland got their second goal from Kevin Cooper. It was a highlight goal as Catalino tried to drive through three Duke defensemen before losing the ball. Cooper picked it up and shot diving away from the goal.

Maryland’s slow deliberae offense continued to pay off. While there is no stats currently kept for number of stall warnings I counted 10. Whether planned or not, they are patient (to a fault) on offense looking for the right opportunities. They executed everything well. Offense, defense, face offs (11 of 17).

Duke on the other hand looked sloppy all over the field from dropped passes to technical calls (goalie stepping back in the crease). They had been lucky getting in to this game, and it showed. Duke ended up with 15 turnovers (8 unforced)

Congrats to the terps. Maryland now has to prepare for a championship against UVA. A familiar foe, in their home town.

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