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3-8-14 Preview Albany vs UMass

Albany’s offense vs UMass defense.  This is a battle of opposites.

Albany comes into this game with two one goal losses to Syracuse and Drexel, and a win over Harvard.
UMass comes into this game 4-0 with wins over Army, Ohio State, Brown, and Harvard.

Since it is early in the season, and Albany’s games have been against tougher opponents compared to UMass schedule, let’s compare their common win.  Harvard.

Umass beat Harvard by 4 (8-4), while Albany won by 6 (14-8)
Albany/Harvard combined for 83 shots compared to UMass/Harvard’s 64.  Albany scored on 35% of their shots, UMass scored on 25% of their shots.

Top scorers for Albany were Miles Thompson (8G, 1A off 14shots), and Lyle Thompson (4G, 2A off 10 shots).
The top scorer for UMass was Nick Mariano (3G, 0A on 6 shots).

UMass won 68.8% Face Offs (11-5), while Albany won 58.3% (14-10).
Harvard converted 0 of 3 EMO opportunities against UMass, and 1 of 6 opportunities against Albany.
UMass converted 0 of 1 EMO opportunities, and Albany converted 3 of 8 opportunities.

In Goal, UMass’ Zach Oliveri faced 18 shots and saved 77.8%, Albany’s Blaze Riordan faced 22 shots and saved 68.2%.

Overall stats can be misleading as UMass has played a weaker schedule by far.  However comparing a similar opponent, UMass still has a SLIGHT statistical advantage.
Umass’ defense is good, and could stop one Thompson, however, I don’t think they can contain Miles, Lyle, Ty, and the rest of the Albany team.  Albany by 3.

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